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Barbaran’s extensive expertise in dyeing shoes and handbags means that we can match virtually any colour. From our vast selection of dyes and tints we will mix the perfect hue to harmonise with your outfit or swatch supplied and ship nationwide direct to you.

If required, Barbaran will send you a sample of the appropriate colour for final approval.



Customers’ own shoes

For the perfect match, Barbaran recommends that you purchase off-white or ivory satin shoes as they will give the best result. Barbaran does not dye white satin shoes as there is a blue hue which affects the final colour. For example if you wish to dye white satin shoes gold, the result will have a greenish hue to them (gold and blue make green)! Barbaran does have other methods at her disposal for colour matching white satin shoes, however, you should make contact directly by telephone to 0118 9772331 in this case.



Dyeable shoes are not water resistant

The dyes that Barbaran uses are water soluble so, if your dyed items are exposed to water or heavy rain, the dye will bleed or stain.

Barbaran can protect your dyeable bridal shoes with a water repellent spray. This will not render them waterproof but will prevent staining. If you choose to opt for this treatment, the shoes cannot be re-dyed at a later date.






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